TCP/IP Networks



TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol a communications standard that enables application programs and computing devices to exchange messages over a network. It is designed to send packets across the internet and ensure the successful delivery of data …

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A Handy Security Checklist


-Don't trust data from a browser, API, or any outside sources: This is a fundamental rule. Make sure that you validate and sanitize any outside data.

-Don't keep SECRET_KEY in version control: As a best practice, pick SECRET_KEY from …

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Once you have a working website or reusable app, you will want to make it public. Deploying websites is one of the most difficult activities of development with Django, because there are lots of moving parts that you have to …

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Productivity Tools

Probably the most flexible productivity tool of all time will be Bash together with common standard utilities found in every POSIX and UNIX-like operating system. Knowing them all thoroughly is probably impossible for an ordinary human. But knowing a few …

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Containerization versus virtualization


There are two main ways that system-level isolation techniques can be used for development purposes:

• Machine virtualization, which emulates the whole computer system

• Operating system-level virtualization, known also as containerization, which isolates complete user …

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Poetry as a dependency management system


Poetry is quite a novel approach to dependency and virtual environment management in Python. It is an open-source project that aims to provide a more predictable and convenient environment for working with the Python packaging ecosystem.

As Poetry is a package …

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