Library of API Building Blocks

The building blocks offered by the development platform span the following features at a minimum:

Processing of HTTP requests and HTTP responses, including header parameters, query parameters, URI processing, HTTP status code, HTTP methods.

Security: threat protection, …

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NETCONF Protocol – Network Configuration Protocol

The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) is a network management protocol allowing a network management system (NMS) to deliver, modify, and delete configurations of network devices. Standard application programming interfaces (APIs) are available on network devices for the NMS …

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A Handy Security Checklist


-Don't trust data from a browser, API, or any outside sources: This is a fundamental rule. Make sure that you validate and sanitize any outside data.

-Don't keep SECRET_KEY in version control: As a best practice, pick SECRET_KEY from …

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Why asynchronous?


Like most WSGI-based web frameworks, Django is synchronous. When a client
requests a web page, the request reaches Django through a view and passes through
various lines of code until the rendered web page is returned. As …

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Recent Python Language Additions

The majority of the changes are related to Python's standard library, the CPython interpreter, the Python API, and CPython's C API.

In terms of the two latest versions of Python, we can distinguish four main syntax updates:

• …

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Containerization versus virtualization


There are two main ways that system-level isolation techniques can be used for development purposes:

• Machine virtualization, which emulates the whole computer system

• Operating system-level virtualization, known also as containerization, which isolates complete user …

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Poetry as a dependency management system


Poetry is quite a novel approach to dependency and virtual environment management in Python. It is an open-source project that aims to provide a more predictable and convenient environment for working with the Python packaging ecosystem.

As Poetry is a package …

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